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Leading the cycling industry to a more accepting, inclusive space for over 10 years.

It's our mission to challenge our fattist culture and the stereotypes of cycling and to break down the barriers so that everyone can love riding as much as we do. We do this by nurturing our community of FLAB enthusiasts, supporting them in their journey and by calling out the haters and naysayers, challenging fat phobic narratives and by delivering premium quality cycling products that look good and feel fab.

We didn’t just size up our gear, we re-designed the way the traditional garments were made so that they would properly fit and flatter the new ‘average’ size cyclists. Our objective is always to design technical cycling apparel that makes our customers look and feel fabulous. We do this with carefully placed patterns to distract the eye away from the bits our customers say they dislike (the tummy and hips) and towards the face and upper torso. If it doesn't look goo don our largest customers, it doesn't get in the range so all our cycle wear is extremely flattering whether you're a curvaceous plus size, big man or a skinny whippet!

It took months to track down a manufacturer who understood that we wanted cyclewear that didn’t make the wearer look like a shrink wrapped chicken. They had to be prepared to make the sizes much larger and change the traditional patterns of cycle wear altogether.

The Fat Lad garments were originally created for the average lad with a 44” chest and a 38” waist.

It was clear that the average lass was crying out for the same kind of comfort and style too. We designed a completely female focused range which took into consideration women’s curves and comfort in a bid to make every woman feel confident and comfortable on her bike. Our women's range is now arguably the best fitting and most comfortable available on the market.

Our cyclewear now includes some of the most technically advanced fabrics and the finest components available. Plus, our gear lasts for years - we don’t make 'throw away fashion'! All of our cycling apparel is ethically made in Europe, in factories that we have visited and by people we know. It’s certainly not the cheapest way of doing things, but we know that our clothing has been made by adults that have been paid a fair wage, all whilst working in good conditions. We also have the reassurance that all waste materials produced are disposed of ethically and within EU guidelines.

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Nelson Road, Ilkley, Bradford, West Yorkshire, England, LS29 8HP, United Kingdom

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