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Helping Millions of Women Change Their Relationship With Sport

Because when women regularly participate in sport:

  • they achieve more academically (proven correlation between sport and academic achievement)
  • they go further professionally (95% of c-suite level women are active sporting participants)
  • they spend 21% more than their male peers
  • and they get healthier mentally and physically.

All of which has a positive impact economically. So, the question is why wouldn’t we focus on grassroots sports solutions?!

A woman skateboarder
A graph showing the actual growth of women's sport vs the prediction by Deloitte

Women's Sport Is Ripe For Investment and Disruption

One of the most significant growth opportunities right now, Deloitte reported the women’s professional sport industry tripling to £1bn 6 years earlier than expected. 

Where professional sport goes, grassroots will follow as more women get inspired to want to have a go. 

The grassroots market is prime and it’s a good time to get ahead of the game. With so many people focused on professional sports, the smart move is focusing on female participation.


THE PROBLEM: 1in 2 teenage girls drop out of sport, 2.4 million fewer women than men say they enjoy sport – fear of looking silly, lack of a support network and not knowing where to start are cited as important barriers.

And in a £12bn market, that is something worth solving. 

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Time To Talk Money

We’ve given ourselves 15 weeks to secure £500k investment, the capital we need to move forward into the next phase of our journey and activate our growth strategy. 

Setting ourselves a quick timeframe means we can start recruiting to our essential roles quicker.

Equally, the less time we spend raising, the more time we can spend focusing on the most important things: the platform and the customers.


Our co-founders, Yomi and Gemma

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