The Dedicated Home

For Women's Sports Communities

Looking for a proper home for your sports community?

We've got you too!

A Home For Your Sports Community

Casual meet up or a fast growing sports group - She Is Action is the place to call home

Easier for you to be found

Unlike Facebook, She Is Action is just for sports and adventure, meaning you will be found by the people who really want to find you

Groups matched with your needs

Like dating apps, we match women with communities based on their location, needs, sporting interests and those of similar members

Make a New Home For Your Community Today

We are currently rolling out in 6 key UK cities and their surrounding areas:
- Norwich
- London
- Cardiff
- Southampton
- Sheffield
- Edinburgh

If your sports community falls outside of those areas, you still have a home here!

We will just be focusing our efforts initially on growing the network in those areas...

Joining is simple - hit the button below, set up a user profile and create a group for your community

Want To Chat To Us?

If you have any questions, or want to talk about opportunities to collaborate more extensively, contact us using the form below to and we'll be in touch to set up a call!