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First year UNLIMITED platform membership package, with added perks!



Ready to commit to adventure and fun? Start your She Is Action journey with this exclusive first-year platform membership package.

Usually priced at £36, this exclusive early membership will give you priority premium access to the platform at launch. As a thank you for your early support, this package includes:

🌟First-year “unlimited access” membership, to kick-start your sporting adventures!

🌟Experience unlimited ad-free browsing*, tailored to your needs to allow you to stay focused on what truly matters.

🌟Annual premium membership guaranteed at £30 for life.

🌟Access to exclusive deals, offers and discounts from our partner brands and businesses.

🌟Also, unlock access to our pre-launch community site – connect, exchange insights, and embark on a collective journey alongside like-minded members.

At £2.50 a month (less than a cup of coffee), make the most of this advantageous offer as it won’t last forever. Redefine your sporting experience and become a part of something truly extraordinary. Join now and start your journey in November 2023!

*Eliminates any irrelevant advertising.